Top 5 Benefits Of Choosing A Mobile Veterinarian

When we chose to get a cat, we at the same time accept the responsibility that comes with it. Although cats often are way more independent and less demanding than having a dog, we never the less have to make sure our cat has everything it needs, and that includes the very basic things like fresh food and water, obviously, but also vaccines, flea treatments (sometimes), etc. and that calls for one, or perhaps, a few trips to the vet.
But would it just be so much easier for you, and specially you cat, if the vet could come to your home?
This is a service that is being offered more and more.

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Mobile veterinarians, which have recently been popping up in cities around the country, can help your cat get their annual wellness exam, as well as other treatments, without the stress of traveling. Mobile veterinarians will travel to your home and have the ability to perform all routine services such as blood tests, x-rays, vaccinations, urinalyses, and anesthesia. There are a lot of good reasons to choose a mobile veterinarian.

1. Less Stress For Your Cat

When your veterinarian comes to your home, your cat can relax in their own familiar environment without getting whisked away to a clinic full of new sounds, smells, and unfamiliar critters. A trip to the veterinarian can be very stressful for a cat.

2. Less Stress For You

Getting our cat to an annual wellness exam isn’t always easy. Life can get in the way. There are cat carriers, broken down cars, sick children, and a late mailman with a package you must sign for. When your veterinarian comes to your home, you won’t have to worry about finding a ride, a babysitter, or anything else for that matter.

3. Less Exposure To Contagions

4. Best For Multiple Pets

5. More Accurate Results

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